Tuesday, August 7, 2007

brief - surfwear

CUVDSP13A Research and apply techniques for the design of wearable objects
"Style is central to subcultural identity, and clothing and body adornment are the most visible emblems of membership signifying loyalty to kindred spirits and exclusion to the world at large".

BRIEF 1: 50% i.e.thumbnailing(5%), logo (10%), fabric designs(20%), storyboard(5%), fashion designs(10%)
Design and produce samples of wearable design for a surf wear brand.

fabric design-border/repeat motif suitable for fabric by the metre/placement print suitable for t shirt or similar
fashion design- drawings or samples of wearable designs from fabric designs

Related Briefs:
In the Spatial design class you will be designing the interior for your retail surfwear outlet.
In Craig's graphic design you will be working on the logo design for labelling, tags, swing tags, catalogues etc.

Create a 200 word profile. post it to the blog by the beginning of class week 2. you can continue to refine in the following weeks
Define and describe your potential market.

Who are you designing for?
eg. season, gender, age of target market, geographical distribution, other subcultural influence eg, skate, techno, kitsch, gothic, punk, indigenous, ethnic, sporting, social, pollitical or environmental aware, etc
Where would they wear it?
eg.sporting, beach, club, pub, skateboard, formal occassion, etc
How would they wear it?
e.g. style, attitude, gestures, poses, etc
How would you sell it?
eg. market stall, shops, on consignment, via internet, performance, parade, etc.
What imagery to use?
Imagery and inspiration- beach life, flora, vintage surf posters and labels , board shapes, cars, hawaiian shirts, dolphins, hula, tiki culture, water, waves, shells, coral gardens, fish, whales, mermaids, seahorse, sharks, turtles, weather maps, water patterns, tattoos,waves, retro comics, pirates, 4o's and 5o's trademarks and logos etc

Consider the personality of your surfwear product
e.g.The American Pig Brand (apb) concept is a direct reflection of the remarkable and often excessive qualities of American culture. apb celebrates large Sport Utility  Vehicles, 24 hour drive-thrus, pre-approved platinum credit cards, and other distinguishing characteristics of American life. apb has potential to portray both positive and negative views of the exceedingly prosperous American lifestyle.

Develop a name and a signature for the product.
Brainstorm and select an original and appropriate brand name for your range.
Use the design synetic techniques.

Design and develop a visual identity for your brand.
i.e. colour palette, symbols, typography, textures and images appropriate to the consumer.

Present a storyboard due week (%)
Storyboard requrements:
approx. 1 X A1 or 2 x A2 or 8 x A4 Foamcore/corflute. Your storyboard can be shaped.
graphically creative portraying "the look" of the surfwear range with a collage of drawings, photos, magazine tear sheets etc.
show brand name alternatives list with chosen name indicated
development of concepts
logo concepts and design development
colour pallette
swatches / samples of colours and materials to be used
samples of fonts and typography.
accompanying screen visuals

1. week beginning 16/07/07
Brief given
What is branding? revision Show dvd and worksheet 60 mins
fashion historical slideshow? 10 min
class brainstorming/mindmapping session :types of surfwear, type of imagery , personality of existing surfwear- what's the difference between mambo, billabong and others 100 min
Commence in class and finish for next week 200wd profile of potential market.
This is to be typewritten and be uploaded as a post to blog by beginning of class week 2

2. week beginning 23/07/07
Show video-"Logos and labels" 30min
Examine the Surfwear logo 30min
Present 200 word profile class/teacherto view blog
Develop a name and a signature for the product. use guide above
Conduct and record class brainstorming- possible names and product 120 min
Introduce initial concepts
further research investigate the marketplace.
Further brainstorm the individual, class, groups
commence thumbnailling
commence preparation and collection for storyboard/ moodboard

3 week beginning- 30/07/07
show past student work.
Continue with development of concepts.
classwork: Further brainstorm possible names in small groups/ possible excursion
Continue to Thumbnail and research.
Tutorial time with individuals
Refine individual brief/ profile on the basis of class and teacher feedback.
Complete 15 labelled thumbnails for logo Streetwear storyboard
Present concepts for storyboard to class and teacher

4 week beginning 6/08/07
present initial thumbnails and research
Tutorial time with individuals
Commence collecting images, swatches etc for storyboard , research

5 week beginning13/08/07
refine selected thumbnails of logo, fabric and fashion designs on the basis of feedback given
Tutorial time with individuals
refine selected thumbnails of logo, fabric and fashion designs
6 week beginning 20/08/07
further refine selected thumbnails of logo, fabric and fashion designs on the basis of feedback given
refine typography for logo
present final choice for logo. Take into Craig's class to finish in illustrator to use for final shop model signage applications and branding for surfwear
Tutorial time with individuals
homework: refine concepts further

7 week beginning 27/08/07
commence prototypes for fabric and fashions designs and samples including tshirt
Tutorial time with individuals
homework: continue fabric and fashions designs and samples

8 week beginning 3/09/07
continue prototypes for fabric and fashions designs and samples including tshirt
Tutorial time with individuals
homework: complete fabric and fashions designs and samples

9 week beginning
Surfwear due
5 minute verbal with class teacher feedback.(5%)
accompanying the presentation of package.
300 wd profile
design process thumbnails/ research
logo development with final logo
resolved fabric and fashions designs and samples including tshirt
end of brief

Key competencies you will be assessed on

Collecting, organising and analysing information
Clarifying and interpreting the brief
Communicating ideas and information
Designing and making a wearable object which is consistent with the selected approach and brief
Planning and organising activities
Identifying possible approaches to the design of wearable objects
Working with others and in teams
Working with client or user
Using mathematical ideas and techniques
Calculating material requirements and costs
Solving problems
Refining the approach
Using technologyUsing equipment