Tuesday, August 7, 2007

brief - surfwear

CUVDSP13A Research and apply techniques for the design of wearable objects
"Style is central to subcultural identity, and clothing and body adornment are the most visible emblems of membership signifying loyalty to kindred spirits and exclusion to the world at large".

BRIEF 1: 50% i.e.thumbnailing(5%), logo (10%), fabric designs(20%), storyboard(5%), fashion designs(10%)
Design and produce samples of wearable design for a surf wear brand.

fabric design-border/repeat motif suitable for fabric by the metre/placement print suitable for t shirt or similar
fashion design- drawings or samples of wearable designs from fabric designs

Related Briefs:
In the Spatial design class you will be designing the interior for your retail surfwear outlet.
In Craig's graphic design you will be working on the logo design for labelling, tags, swing tags, catalogues etc.

Create a 200 word profile. post it to the blog by the beginning of class week 2. you can continue to refine in the following weeks
Define and describe your potential market.

Who are you designing for?
eg. season, gender, age of target market, geographical distribution, other subcultural influence eg, skate, techno, kitsch, gothic, punk, indigenous, ethnic, sporting, social, pollitical or environmental aware, etc
Where would they wear it?
eg.sporting, beach, club, pub, skateboard, formal occassion, etc
How would they wear it?
e.g. style, attitude, gestures, poses, etc
How would you sell it?
eg. market stall, shops, on consignment, via internet, performance, parade, etc.
What imagery to use?
Imagery and inspiration- beach life, flora, vintage surf posters and labels , board shapes, cars, hawaiian shirts, dolphins, hula, tiki culture, water, waves, shells, coral gardens, fish, whales, mermaids, seahorse, sharks, turtles, weather maps, water patterns, tattoos,waves, retro comics, pirates, 4o's and 5o's trademarks and logos etc

Consider the personality of your surfwear product
e.g.The American Pig Brand (apb) concept is a direct reflection of the remarkable and often excessive qualities of American culture. apb celebrates large Sport Utility  Vehicles, 24 hour drive-thrus, pre-approved platinum credit cards, and other distinguishing characteristics of American life. apb has potential to portray both positive and negative views of the exceedingly prosperous American lifestyle.

Develop a name and a signature for the product.
Brainstorm and select an original and appropriate brand name for your range.
Use the design synetic techniques.

Design and develop a visual identity for your brand.
i.e. colour palette, symbols, typography, textures and images appropriate to the consumer.

Present a storyboard due week (%)
Storyboard requrements:
approx. 1 X A1 or 2 x A2 or 8 x A4 Foamcore/corflute. Your storyboard can be shaped.
graphically creative portraying "the look" of the surfwear range with a collage of drawings, photos, magazine tear sheets etc.
show brand name alternatives list with chosen name indicated
development of concepts
logo concepts and design development
colour pallette
swatches / samples of colours and materials to be used
samples of fonts and typography.
accompanying screen visuals

1. week beginning 16/07/07
Brief given
What is branding? revision Show dvd and worksheet 60 mins
fashion historical slideshow? 10 min
class brainstorming/mindmapping session :types of surfwear, type of imagery , personality of existing surfwear- what's the difference between mambo, billabong and others 100 min
Commence in class and finish for next week 200wd profile of potential market.
This is to be typewritten and be uploaded as a post to blog by beginning of class week 2

2. week beginning 23/07/07
Show video-"Logos and labels" 30min
Examine the Surfwear logo 30min
Present 200 word profile class/teacherto view blog
Develop a name and a signature for the product. use guide above
Conduct and record class brainstorming- possible names and product 120 min
Introduce initial concepts
further research investigate the marketplace.
Further brainstorm the individual, class, groups
commence thumbnailling
commence preparation and collection for storyboard/ moodboard

3 week beginning- 30/07/07
show past student work.
Continue with development of concepts.
classwork: Further brainstorm possible names in small groups/ possible excursion
Continue to Thumbnail and research.
Tutorial time with individuals
Refine individual brief/ profile on the basis of class and teacher feedback.
Complete 15 labelled thumbnails for logo Streetwear storyboard
Present concepts for storyboard to class and teacher

4 week beginning 6/08/07
present initial thumbnails and research
Tutorial time with individuals
Commence collecting images, swatches etc for storyboard , research

5 week beginning13/08/07
refine selected thumbnails of logo, fabric and fashion designs on the basis of feedback given
Tutorial time with individuals
refine selected thumbnails of logo, fabric and fashion designs
6 week beginning 20/08/07
further refine selected thumbnails of logo, fabric and fashion designs on the basis of feedback given
refine typography for logo
present final choice for logo. Take into Craig's class to finish in illustrator to use for final shop model signage applications and branding for surfwear
Tutorial time with individuals
homework: refine concepts further

7 week beginning 27/08/07
commence prototypes for fabric and fashions designs and samples including tshirt
Tutorial time with individuals
homework: continue fabric and fashions designs and samples

8 week beginning 3/09/07
continue prototypes for fabric and fashions designs and samples including tshirt
Tutorial time with individuals
homework: complete fabric and fashions designs and samples

9 week beginning
Surfwear due
5 minute verbal with class teacher feedback.(5%)
accompanying the presentation of package.
300 wd profile
design process thumbnails/ research
logo development with final logo
resolved fabric and fashions designs and samples including tshirt
end of brief

Key competencies you will be assessed on

Collecting, organising and analysing information
Clarifying and interpreting the brief
Communicating ideas and information
Designing and making a wearable object which is consistent with the selected approach and brief
Planning and organising activities
Identifying possible approaches to the design of wearable objects
Working with others and in teams
Working with client or user
Using mathematical ideas and techniques
Calculating material requirements and costs
Solving problems
Refining the approach
Using technologyUsing equipment

Monday, July 30, 2007

my shop


youth and adults from the age of 12 up to 35.

My shop will have an awesome style of its own it is a place of social gatherings and stylish good times. It’s a place were you are accepted to be who you are and supported to flourish in your every day life.

The style of shop is a mixture of punk, skater, hip-hop
Shop style
My shop is covered in Graff art with a raw edgy feeling while at the same time it is welcoming with couches to relax on while listening to the in house DJ

There will be weekends where we will have sk8 teams come in for signage days
Other days where kids come into the shop and learn about Graff art and respect for property.

We will sponsor local events and fundraisers
Have monthly fashion shows with our products

The shop will support all local events and charities and work towards keeping youth off the streets we want them to feel apart of something

My crew
leave their judgments at the door they make all our customers feel apart of the PROPAGANDA family
It is important that all staff and customers interact in a fun filled atmosphere.

There will be a monthly PRPAGANDA mag, which the staff put together. It will promote aupcoming events
Upcoming promotions
Skater of the month
New products as well as how our sk8 team is going

Other advertisement will include banners at our local events
Internet store
Our mag
Word of mouth

Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories such as;
Belts and buckles
Sk8boards and acc

Types of labels we like are
Zoo York, RDS, Skull Sk8, DC, Rusty, Smiths, Mavi

Sunday, July 29, 2007


My surf label is for girls aged between 13 and 25. i want to have lots of bright colours, patterns, beading, shimmer. There will be different styles of bikinis, dresses, shorts, tops also accesories like bangles, sunnies etc. When girls wear the clothes i want them to feel confident and pretty. i want the clothes to represent fun and energy. i was inspired by brands such as tiger-lily, roxy and mink pink. girls would wear these clothes to the beach shopping, on holidays and some of the dresses and can go from day to night. the patterns will be fun and cute yet totaly different. i want the brand to have an energetic bubbly appeal. It will be stocked at all major surf shops and also have its own stores.


I want the shop to have a lively bubbly atmosphere. i want one of the walls to be a bightly coloured patterned feature wall. the floors will have a marbel look and the counter will be a wooden antic, i want there to be a stand for the accesories i find that will make it easier for customers to try on sunnies etc. and it will also allow more space. There will be a backseat of an old car for a lounge. I also want dangling lights, and long mirrors all around the store to make it seem bigger. The shelves will be long and against the walls and a few small racks through the centre of the store. The window displays will be fun and colourful. The change rooms will be located down the back of the store it their own section. They will have full length mirrors and one on each wall in every change room allowing the customer to see every angle of their body. There will also be a mirror outside the change rooms. In the hall way out side the change rooms i want the wall to be a hot pink feature wall.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

gabrielles brand words

my brand Fruit Huggers is going to acsessorise the beach bums of Australia the with fine swimwear for all shapes and sizes the brazilian type and the norm, sundressers, t's, bordies with wicked prints, walk pants, singlets, hats and all the needs and wants for the beach. the girls range will be called peaches and the guys are bananas.
my fashion will make u feel comfortable through out the hot summer that always comes our way.some of the clothes will have hand beading on them to give them a different look to the otheres in the range. the colours that i want to use will be some of the earthy tones like the browns, greens ant the blacks. also the blues, yellows whits and mabey some creams
im designing for the age group of 16-30. my influence is thethe hot summer and the kind of weather where u dint want to put anything on. i think u could wear it in most places mainly designing for the beach.
i want my designd to make the person to feel comfortable and know that they look good.
My brand will be owned, made, sold around Australia. my shops will be sutuated right in the beach. I have always liked the dark wooden balinese look in surf shops.i want dark wooden floor baords, the graphics on the girls wall will be a mermid eating a banana and the graphics on the boys side will be a merman eating a peach.

cara- Opulance

A designer boutique label for women’s high class year round beach and formal fashion. Sleek elegance infused with an attitude of bold confidence and glamour. A powerful style of rich sophistication, strong and sexy. The Opulence line of fashion swimwear, day and evening ware and accessories will be available exclusively from our retail outlets located in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Las Angeles, Tokyo, Melbourne and Sydney.

All retail out lets have high ceilings with crystal chandlers, black marble pillars, sensual water features, frosted glass and dark wood doors and black polished marble floors with logo embedded. Fittings are polished silver, black leather lounges and dark wood features with floor to ceiling mirrors and white chocolate Italian wall tiles, plasma screens and multi directional projectors will be showing fashion parades and music videos from around the globe.

Opulence proudly present the stunning spring /summer debut collection at the
Rosemount Australian Fashion Week's (RAFW) Spring Summer 2007/08 Collections at Circular Quay in Sydney. The best emerging and established designers from Australia and the Asia Pacific will preview their collections to some of the world's most significant buyers, media and key industry influencers.

The Opulence target market is affluent, powerful and glamorous women 20+ and will adorn the elite and beautiful at beaches, sailing and boating, day time social events and evening formal and semi formal events.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



• Boadicea Surf Warrior Wear aims to serve humankind and the environment by providing affordable, modern, natural hemp products for a sustainable future.
It means hard work and investing a lot of time and money into research and development. Australia needs support, in particular from retailers. Buy and try one of our products and see for your self the advantages of hemp.
Support hemp farmers worldwide, buy hemp products!

• Gold Celtic Cross to be used on advertising: labels, store bags, front door mat, eBay shop, cash register dockets etc

• Family Focus – all ages

• Focus on eco-friendly, durability, manufacturing costs, recycling

Includes shoes, sandals, assorted clothing for the entire family, hats and caps, bags, beach towels, wallets, jewellery, variety of hair and skin care products, lip balms, hand cream, body butters, after-sun care, sunscreen 30+UV protection.
All personal care products will be made using pure hemp seed oil in the
user-friendly affordable ingredients

• Bare bleached floorboards with a parquetry design including hemp rope
• Counters – marine decking theme with hemp ropes and sails
• Racks and displays – driftwood, logs and hemp ropes

Aimee's Shop n Brand

Misty designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded females and develops a brand that represent a casual lifestyle-driven from a board-riding heritage.
Misty offers more diversity in its Girl's Surf wear ranges then you could ask for.
From our ultimate variety of swimwear, tops, bottoms, Jackets, accessories and boards - we've got plenty for everyone.
Misty’s Spring/ Summer 2007 range includes plenty of vibrant fluoro typography, illustration and animal print fabrics, Mixing Retro, rebel, feminine and fun. Misty’s Products are sold throughout the world, with shops located throughout North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Australia pacific.
Our commitment to build huge stores in the best malls, that are heaps of fun to visit, has made Misty shops a great place to hang out when your shopping with your friends. By getting inspiration from all over the world, and from all forms of electronic media, we keep the shops fresh by staying in touch with what you want from us.
Misty has a simple philosophy of employing the people that live the Misty life so you are giving what you want, when you want it. Misty is not just a shop it’s playing a part in the day-to-day life of youth culture and lifestyle.
Misty is more than just somewhere to score the latest clothes it’s a great place to hang out and meet up with your friends with video games, plasma screens, photography and a healthy juice bar located in each store.
Beaches at night are covered by a coating of mist this is where the name misty comes from.

Monday, July 23, 2007

'InSalt' Designs- Jasmine

The initial idea for my surf brand is to focus on formal and semi-formal wearable designs using 'InSalt' as the brand name. This will represent my designs as a stylish and trendy range. I also want to incorporate some reversable designs through the promotion slogan In-Salt-Out. My surf brand style is focused on a target market for females and males from late teens to early thirties and anyone else it may appeal to. The clothing style would allow the surf culture and people wanting to associate with this culture to wear fashion and labels in situations away from the beach. My InSalt range would be suitable for things such as nightclubs, weddings, presentations, race days parties and any other formal or semi-formal events. I think this concept will be successful as it is not only a more affordable way to wear formal clothing but the consumer can dress in a brand name relating rto their sub-culture in any situation.
InSalt clothing will consist of:
For men: Dress shorts, dress pants, ties, dress shirts, suits, belts, shoes, watches etc.
For Women: Dresses, dress pants, blouses, watches, shoes, jeans, fancy singlet tops etc.
I am still brainstorming possible logos to be the signature and representation of my brand name as an image but it will be clearly recognisable and fairly basic.
This clothing range is able to be worn through every season as it ranges from summer gear such as shorts and singlets through to suits and jeans for the cooler months. InSalt would be sold in surf shops all over australia and eventually expand to an international market through promotions and brand recognition.

Charlie's Surf Label

Coffin Surf

Coffin Surf is a Surf Label that allows even the darkest of souls to express themselves, it is the darkest beach wear around. Coffin Surf would be suited to ghouls (girls)between the ages of 16-30.My Female models will have a cute pin up attitude about them.

Having an Influence of the 1950’s Pin up era, and the Goth and Punk subcultures Coffin Surf is sure to make heads turn. The majority of the Coffin Surf Range comes in only a handful of colours being Black, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Green and pink. This being that I think these colours are more suited to the style of Clothing.

When you think Coffin Surf think Spooky, Bats, Spider Webs, Coffins, Skull X Bones and Tattoo designs. This is what you will see throughout the Coffin Surf range. Coffin Surf will sell all the necessities you will need for a day at the beach including pieces that can be worn to and from the beach and classy evening wear, these will include T-shirts, Board shorts, Button front shirts, Skirts (Mini and Knee Length), Bikinis, One piece swimsuits, Ladies Board shorts, sarongs, Thongs, Parasols, dresses.

One of the pieces that will be a part of the range includes: The 1950’s boy leg and halter top one piece, lady’s swimsuit with two pistols featured on the bum of the swimsuit. (Available in Black and Pink) with a white emblem on the bum of the black swimsuit, and a Black emblem on the bum of the Pink swimsuit.

The shop itself will feature coffin shaped display cabinets with lockable glass fronts, to display all of the accessories. Black and White checked Lino will be used throughout for the flooring. The walls will be painted Black and have featured designs on them (most probably tattoo style designs) also featuring the shop name and logo.

There will be a nice comfy lounge for those hubbies and a plasma which will help with advertising for Coffin Surf, also including some old school footage of cars and girls (which I’m sure those boyfriends and hubbies will enjoy).

Hannah barrs surfware, 200 words!

This shop is a place filled with life and happiness, white walls with a splash of color and a whole lot of modern creations. my target is for both sexes from the ages 16 to late 20's to be able to wear big comfy, bright, casual clothes and feel a bit different, my aim is to produce a variety of outfits that aren't like the rest of the surf wear people wear today.
t-shirts, singlet's, dresses, board shorts, swim wear and accessories to fit all shapes and sizes.
i want to create clothes for the more material type, that make a person stand out, using colorful materials, fluro, repetitive patterns, i want to create clothes that not only can be worn to the beach but also can be worn out during the evening, topped off with something dressy and look fabulous.

Layout of the store: This shop will be spread out so customers have room to look around without being crowded in, the colors of the walls will be white with every 2nd one a bright color to bring out life within the store, As you enter the store, a master piece that has the stores name mosaic into the floor thats surrounded by polished cement, making the store have a factory feel.
Racks will be spread around the outside and be positioned by size. Center of store will have a stainless steal cabinet, consisting of the accessories and hats. The back of the store will have a stainless steal desk to purchase all items. Fairy lights will be scattered around the shop to make things different, and modern lamps and photographs will be hung up, Old school lounges will be around the store for customers to kick back and have a break, also making the store a bit more funkier.

Where would they wear it?
These clothing items can be worn anywhere in general, beach, shopping, even out clubbing for the older shoppers.

How would they wear it? 
depending on where and when, during the day, simple bright colored shorts and shirts, dresses, will do fine for the beach scene where as night life, top a bright colored shirt off with your best pair of jeans. girls, depending on the dress, most are made for both day and night, topped off with accessories.

How would I sell it?
the people who work within the store must be cruise, fashionable young people who love to socialize, party, and would be able to get along with all customers, making them feel comfortable within the store. I would advertise the store amongst magazines and on local notice boards, I would make the shop look colorful and interesting, play soft but funky tunes, make the environment a bit different to other stores, so customers are interested to come check things out.

What imagery would I use? 
To reach the aim i'm targeting i would use bright colors, images of colorful things such as sunshine, beaches, rainbows, anything that stands out.
i would make all accessories large, and the clothes to be different, bigger then usual, and something the customers can enjoy wearing.

Elise’s Surf wear profile

Target market:
My surf wear brand is targeted towards young boys aged 5-10. Boys at this age have a vivid imagination and enjoy buying toys and clothes with whatever happens to be the coolest phase or cartoon/ movie out at the time all over them. With this in mind I have given my surf wear a sci-fi sub-cultural theme but will approach it through the style of a mambo artist giving it an obscurity yet colourful, fun and imaginative appeal to young boys. The clothing will be suitable not just for ‘coasties’ but for rural children as well being suitable to wear as streetwear and not just at the beach. If successful it has a global market as there aren't many continents in this world which hasn't been influenced by the movies star wars. The debuting range I will design is suited for spring through to autumn.

Where would they wear it?
This clothing range could be worn to the beach, park, skate park, suitable for some sports or just as streetwear, mainly everyday wear.

How would they wear it?
It would be worn with a cool attitude but also a fun attitude maybe striking some alien fighting poses.

How would I sell it?
I would try to sell this mainly through the big chain stores where the majority of families shop e.g. target, big w, kmart etc and possibly online as shopping online is becoming increasingly popular especially for working parents.

What imagery would I use?
To appeal to young boys and to tie in with the sci fi theme I would use images such as space ships, monsters, aliens etc. these aliens and monsters could be seen surfing or swimming from sharks to give more of a surfy feel

Sunday, July 22, 2007



Hi all fellow designers. My surf wear brand is for all seasons . My target market is male and female age range from 14 to 40 it will be distributed nationally in major cities through its own retail outlets and internationally via its own web page. The brand will have a surf skate punk feel, it would be worn by the rebellious type young and old.The clothing and accessories will be warn anywhere but formal occasions although the type of people wearing this label may do so as they like to stand out when in a rebellious mood. You could possibly find these rebels at skate parks, snowfields, rock festivals, city pubs/clubs, city beaches and universities. The brand may be worn as a statement by a person with a carefree attidude.Their only care is to not look like the latest fashion victim, these clothes would be timeless and if time did catch up with them they would constantly evolve and strive to look different. This brand would be inspired by the punk, grunge and military look. There will be a brand name but people will recognize it by a subtle yet questioning logo.

The shop would have a war torn industrial/urban feeling. The floor would be polished concrete in dark washed burgundy tones.The walls would be brick render using old recycled bricks with the khaki render cracked and very rustic looking and the old bricks would be exposed in areas to reveal huge graphitti pieces.The sales counter would be made from heble stone and painted orange.The top of the service area would be broken bottles green and brown under a protective piece of Perspex. The change rooms would be made from terrazzo with wooden doors covered in graphitti stencils.The body off the shop would be at the front and at the rear would be a skateboarding half pipe , lounges and a dj booth.There would always be something going on in this area and it would be a place to hang out and sponsored pro’s would have to make weekly visits to the ramp. This would lure people into the shop and they would have to pass all the goods on the way in and out.The atmosphere would be high energy and no bullshit sales just an honest product.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Marija's Surf Label/Shop

SummaDayz offers cool and classic surf wear for women. Reminiscent of summer holidays, growing up by the beach or days when life was simple, uncluttered and free, SummaDayz has a style sure to suit the young at heart up to the more mature woman with sizes ranging from 8-16. Patterns will include some subtle and some funky floral; frangipani's, hibiscus, roses and fruit/fruit salad designs.
Visit our new SummaDayz shop, located on Marine Pde, Kingscliff, for all your beach wear needs this holidays. As you step inside, you, and your partner, will enjoy more than just a shopping experience. With blonde timber floors and crisp white walls with strong & bold painted sections in a relaxing grass green, you'll feel as though your relaxing at a luxury resort. Add a hint of Bali with dark stained timber furnishings. A lounge with a coffee machine and a big screen playing classic 50 & 60's beach flicks will entertain while the discerning woman tries on selections from our swim wear, shorts, T-shirts and summer dresses.
Complete each outfit with a fabulous hat, sarong, shoes and jewellery.
SummaDayz, your one stop shop these summer holidays.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


300wrd profile-jade

my brand:
FINK is an 80’s retro surf wear label. It is designed for all seasons as it includes a wide variety of clothing such as shorts, boardies, pants, skirts, jackets, jumpers, t’s, singlet, dresses, shoes and accessories. Fink is an ALL-GIRL clothing brand. The target market is for girls aged 15-20 and the geographical distribution is Australian wide. The subcultural influence for my brand is street, skate, punk and surf. FINK clothing is to be worn for style and attitude. FINK was primarily influenced and inspired by the ‘retro 80’s’. FINK was also inspired by ‘punks’, skate life, surf life and street life. Imagery to be used is lots of type (retro 80’s fonts), fluoro colours, beach life, skate life, vintage pics, surfboards, retro comic books, trademarks and logos. FINK clothing will be sold in surf shops Ozzy wide soon!

my shop:
My retro 80’s surf wear shop will have 80’s chequered tiles with brand logo on them too!
There will be retro surf and skate posters on the walls, vintage photos and famous people from the 80’s like surfer MP. The change rooms will be at the back of the shops. There wil be lots of them so there will never be a que and they won’t have curtain they will have doors with locks! And there won’t be big gaps under the doors so you will feel safe! The clothes with be ordered in sizes so it’s easy to find your size! The staff members will all be girls so you are more comfortable. The interior of the shop will include fluoro colours to go with the 80’s retro theme and hanging from the roof will be 80’s fads like vintage roller skates and the rubix cube.

Monday, July 16, 2007


please post your 200wd profile