Wednesday, July 18, 2007


300wrd profile-jade

my brand:
FINK is an 80’s retro surf wear label. It is designed for all seasons as it includes a wide variety of clothing such as shorts, boardies, pants, skirts, jackets, jumpers, t’s, singlet, dresses, shoes and accessories. Fink is an ALL-GIRL clothing brand. The target market is for girls aged 15-20 and the geographical distribution is Australian wide. The subcultural influence for my brand is street, skate, punk and surf. FINK clothing is to be worn for style and attitude. FINK was primarily influenced and inspired by the ‘retro 80’s’. FINK was also inspired by ‘punks’, skate life, surf life and street life. Imagery to be used is lots of type (retro 80’s fonts), fluoro colours, beach life, skate life, vintage pics, surfboards, retro comic books, trademarks and logos. FINK clothing will be sold in surf shops Ozzy wide soon!

my shop:
My retro 80’s surf wear shop will have 80’s chequered tiles with brand logo on them too!
There will be retro surf and skate posters on the walls, vintage photos and famous people from the 80’s like surfer MP. The change rooms will be at the back of the shops. There wil be lots of them so there will never be a que and they won’t have curtain they will have doors with locks! And there won’t be big gaps under the doors so you will feel safe! The clothes with be ordered in sizes so it’s easy to find your size! The staff members will all be girls so you are more comfortable. The interior of the shop will include fluoro colours to go with the 80’s retro theme and hanging from the roof will be 80’s fads like vintage roller skates and the rubix cube.

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