Sunday, July 22, 2007



Hi all fellow designers. My surf wear brand is for all seasons . My target market is male and female age range from 14 to 40 it will be distributed nationally in major cities through its own retail outlets and internationally via its own web page. The brand will have a surf skate punk feel, it would be worn by the rebellious type young and old.The clothing and accessories will be warn anywhere but formal occasions although the type of people wearing this label may do so as they like to stand out when in a rebellious mood. You could possibly find these rebels at skate parks, snowfields, rock festivals, city pubs/clubs, city beaches and universities. The brand may be worn as a statement by a person with a carefree attidude.Their only care is to not look like the latest fashion victim, these clothes would be timeless and if time did catch up with them they would constantly evolve and strive to look different. This brand would be inspired by the punk, grunge and military look. There will be a brand name but people will recognize it by a subtle yet questioning logo.

The shop would have a war torn industrial/urban feeling. The floor would be polished concrete in dark washed burgundy tones.The walls would be brick render using old recycled bricks with the khaki render cracked and very rustic looking and the old bricks would be exposed in areas to reveal huge graphitti pieces.The sales counter would be made from heble stone and painted orange.The top of the service area would be broken bottles green and brown under a protective piece of Perspex. The change rooms would be made from terrazzo with wooden doors covered in graphitti stencils.The body off the shop would be at the front and at the rear would be a skateboarding half pipe , lounges and a dj booth.There would always be something going on in this area and it would be a place to hang out and sponsored pro’s would have to make weekly visits to the ramp. This would lure people into the shop and they would have to pass all the goods on the way in and out.The atmosphere would be high energy and no bullshit sales just an honest product.

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