Monday, July 23, 2007

'InSalt' Designs- Jasmine

The initial idea for my surf brand is to focus on formal and semi-formal wearable designs using 'InSalt' as the brand name. This will represent my designs as a stylish and trendy range. I also want to incorporate some reversable designs through the promotion slogan In-Salt-Out. My surf brand style is focused on a target market for females and males from late teens to early thirties and anyone else it may appeal to. The clothing style would allow the surf culture and people wanting to associate with this culture to wear fashion and labels in situations away from the beach. My InSalt range would be suitable for things such as nightclubs, weddings, presentations, race days parties and any other formal or semi-formal events. I think this concept will be successful as it is not only a more affordable way to wear formal clothing but the consumer can dress in a brand name relating rto their sub-culture in any situation.
InSalt clothing will consist of:
For men: Dress shorts, dress pants, ties, dress shirts, suits, belts, shoes, watches etc.
For Women: Dresses, dress pants, blouses, watches, shoes, jeans, fancy singlet tops etc.
I am still brainstorming possible logos to be the signature and representation of my brand name as an image but it will be clearly recognisable and fairly basic.
This clothing range is able to be worn through every season as it ranges from summer gear such as shorts and singlets through to suits and jeans for the cooler months. InSalt would be sold in surf shops all over australia and eventually expand to an international market through promotions and brand recognition.

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