Monday, July 23, 2007

Hannah barrs surfware, 200 words!

This shop is a place filled with life and happiness, white walls with a splash of color and a whole lot of modern creations. my target is for both sexes from the ages 16 to late 20's to be able to wear big comfy, bright, casual clothes and feel a bit different, my aim is to produce a variety of outfits that aren't like the rest of the surf wear people wear today.
t-shirts, singlet's, dresses, board shorts, swim wear and accessories to fit all shapes and sizes.
i want to create clothes for the more material type, that make a person stand out, using colorful materials, fluro, repetitive patterns, i want to create clothes that not only can be worn to the beach but also can be worn out during the evening, topped off with something dressy and look fabulous.

Layout of the store: This shop will be spread out so customers have room to look around without being crowded in, the colors of the walls will be white with every 2nd one a bright color to bring out life within the store, As you enter the store, a master piece that has the stores name mosaic into the floor thats surrounded by polished cement, making the store have a factory feel.
Racks will be spread around the outside and be positioned by size. Center of store will have a stainless steal cabinet, consisting of the accessories and hats. The back of the store will have a stainless steal desk to purchase all items. Fairy lights will be scattered around the shop to make things different, and modern lamps and photographs will be hung up, Old school lounges will be around the store for customers to kick back and have a break, also making the store a bit more funkier.

Where would they wear it?
These clothing items can be worn anywhere in general, beach, shopping, even out clubbing for the older shoppers.

How would they wear it? 
depending on where and when, during the day, simple bright colored shorts and shirts, dresses, will do fine for the beach scene where as night life, top a bright colored shirt off with your best pair of jeans. girls, depending on the dress, most are made for both day and night, topped off with accessories.

How would I sell it?
the people who work within the store must be cruise, fashionable young people who love to socialize, party, and would be able to get along with all customers, making them feel comfortable within the store. I would advertise the store amongst magazines and on local notice boards, I would make the shop look colorful and interesting, play soft but funky tunes, make the environment a bit different to other stores, so customers are interested to come check things out.

What imagery would I use? 
To reach the aim i'm targeting i would use bright colors, images of colorful things such as sunshine, beaches, rainbows, anything that stands out.
i would make all accessories large, and the clothes to be different, bigger then usual, and something the customers can enjoy wearing.

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