Monday, July 30, 2007

my shop


youth and adults from the age of 12 up to 35.

My shop will have an awesome style of its own it is a place of social gatherings and stylish good times. It’s a place were you are accepted to be who you are and supported to flourish in your every day life.

The style of shop is a mixture of punk, skater, hip-hop
Shop style
My shop is covered in Graff art with a raw edgy feeling while at the same time it is welcoming with couches to relax on while listening to the in house DJ

There will be weekends where we will have sk8 teams come in for signage days
Other days where kids come into the shop and learn about Graff art and respect for property.

We will sponsor local events and fundraisers
Have monthly fashion shows with our products

The shop will support all local events and charities and work towards keeping youth off the streets we want them to feel apart of something

My crew
leave their judgments at the door they make all our customers feel apart of the PROPAGANDA family
It is important that all staff and customers interact in a fun filled atmosphere.

There will be a monthly PRPAGANDA mag, which the staff put together. It will promote aupcoming events
Upcoming promotions
Skater of the month
New products as well as how our sk8 team is going

Other advertisement will include banners at our local events
Internet store
Our mag
Word of mouth

Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories such as;
Belts and buckles
Sk8boards and acc

Types of labels we like are
Zoo York, RDS, Skull Sk8, DC, Rusty, Smiths, Mavi

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