Wednesday, July 25, 2007

gabrielles brand words

my brand Fruit Huggers is going to acsessorise the beach bums of Australia the with fine swimwear for all shapes and sizes the brazilian type and the norm, sundressers, t's, bordies with wicked prints, walk pants, singlets, hats and all the needs and wants for the beach. the girls range will be called peaches and the guys are bananas.
my fashion will make u feel comfortable through out the hot summer that always comes our way.some of the clothes will have hand beading on them to give them a different look to the otheres in the range. the colours that i want to use will be some of the earthy tones like the browns, greens ant the blacks. also the blues, yellows whits and mabey some creams
im designing for the age group of 16-30. my influence is thethe hot summer and the kind of weather where u dint want to put anything on. i think u could wear it in most places mainly designing for the beach.
i want my designd to make the person to feel comfortable and know that they look good.
My brand will be owned, made, sold around Australia. my shops will be sutuated right in the beach. I have always liked the dark wooden balinese look in surf shops.i want dark wooden floor baords, the graphics on the girls wall will be a mermid eating a banana and the graphics on the boys side will be a merman eating a peach.

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