Monday, July 23, 2007

Charlie's Surf Label

Coffin Surf

Coffin Surf is a Surf Label that allows even the darkest of souls to express themselves, it is the darkest beach wear around. Coffin Surf would be suited to ghouls (girls)between the ages of 16-30.My Female models will have a cute pin up attitude about them.

Having an Influence of the 1950’s Pin up era, and the Goth and Punk subcultures Coffin Surf is sure to make heads turn. The majority of the Coffin Surf Range comes in only a handful of colours being Black, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Green and pink. This being that I think these colours are more suited to the style of Clothing.

When you think Coffin Surf think Spooky, Bats, Spider Webs, Coffins, Skull X Bones and Tattoo designs. This is what you will see throughout the Coffin Surf range. Coffin Surf will sell all the necessities you will need for a day at the beach including pieces that can be worn to and from the beach and classy evening wear, these will include T-shirts, Board shorts, Button front shirts, Skirts (Mini and Knee Length), Bikinis, One piece swimsuits, Ladies Board shorts, sarongs, Thongs, Parasols, dresses.

One of the pieces that will be a part of the range includes: The 1950’s boy leg and halter top one piece, lady’s swimsuit with two pistols featured on the bum of the swimsuit. (Available in Black and Pink) with a white emblem on the bum of the black swimsuit, and a Black emblem on the bum of the Pink swimsuit.

The shop itself will feature coffin shaped display cabinets with lockable glass fronts, to display all of the accessories. Black and White checked Lino will be used throughout for the flooring. The walls will be painted Black and have featured designs on them (most probably tattoo style designs) also featuring the shop name and logo.

There will be a nice comfy lounge for those hubbies and a plasma which will help with advertising for Coffin Surf, also including some old school footage of cars and girls (which I’m sure those boyfriends and hubbies will enjoy).

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