Monday, July 23, 2007

Elise’s Surf wear profile

Target market:
My surf wear brand is targeted towards young boys aged 5-10. Boys at this age have a vivid imagination and enjoy buying toys and clothes with whatever happens to be the coolest phase or cartoon/ movie out at the time all over them. With this in mind I have given my surf wear a sci-fi sub-cultural theme but will approach it through the style of a mambo artist giving it an obscurity yet colourful, fun and imaginative appeal to young boys. The clothing will be suitable not just for ‘coasties’ but for rural children as well being suitable to wear as streetwear and not just at the beach. If successful it has a global market as there aren't many continents in this world which hasn't been influenced by the movies star wars. The debuting range I will design is suited for spring through to autumn.

Where would they wear it?
This clothing range could be worn to the beach, park, skate park, suitable for some sports or just as streetwear, mainly everyday wear.

How would they wear it?
It would be worn with a cool attitude but also a fun attitude maybe striking some alien fighting poses.

How would I sell it?
I would try to sell this mainly through the big chain stores where the majority of families shop e.g. target, big w, kmart etc and possibly online as shopping online is becoming increasingly popular especially for working parents.

What imagery would I use?
To appeal to young boys and to tie in with the sci fi theme I would use images such as space ships, monsters, aliens etc. these aliens and monsters could be seen surfing or swimming from sharks to give more of a surfy feel

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